Juan de Dios Trías de Bes Mingot

Barcelona, 1964

Juan Trias de Bes (Barcelona, 1964) holds a degree in architecture (ETSAB, 1991) and opened the professional studio TDB ARQUITECTURA in Barcelona in 1992. He is the architect of such institutional works as the University Hall of Residence in Sarriá, the headquarters of the Academy of Medical Science of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, the central office of Grífols Laboratories, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (in conjunction with Carlos Ferrater) in the Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona, the Sant Cugat campus of ESADE University and the new Translational Surgery Research Center, among others.
In the residential development sector, Juan Trias de Bes has carried out numerous projects, from multi-family social housing to sophisticated dwellings, the former in towns situated in Barcelona’s industrial belt, the latter in the Catalan capital. The design of apartment blocks constitutes one of TDB Architecture’s main areas of research and they were finalists in the 2007 FAD awards for their “Block of 30 apartments in the Ronda de Dalt”. Currently, TDB’s housing research has an international component, involving studies in Columbia and Morocco.
In the fields of teaching and research, Juan Trias de Bes has been visiting lecturer in international courses offered by the ITESM program in Barcelona to students from Canada, the United States and Mexico, and has been a member of the final projects tribunal in the Ion Mincu University of hoETSAB. He was recently invited to the 2011 International Symposium, “Material and Form” organized jointly by the Construction in Concrete department and the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Since 2002 he has been associated with the International University of Catalonia, where he is currently Lecturer in Final Projects.
In 2009 he was recognized as proficient in research methodology on submitting his doctoral thesis proposal, “Architectural Materiality”, by the “Architectural Composition and Theory” department of ETSAB, focusing on the relationship between material and form and taking the figure of the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor as a reference. In 2013, under the supervision of Professor Jose Maria Montaner, he obtains a qualification cum laude in his doctoral thesis.