ArqCatMón is an initiative of the International Relations Department of the Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (Architects’ Institute of Catalonia, COAC) that offers a comprehensive survey of the work of Catalan architects beyond their borders and, as such, represents a vital point of reference in discovering, analysing and evaluating the scope of this body of work from three viewpoints:

Atles ArqCatMón - the Atles: an on-line catalogue where you can consult over 500 works abroad carried out by 242 Catalan architects
Prize ArqCatMón - the Prize: featuring the projects by Catalan architects to have been built abroad, short-listed and chosen as winners by an international jury
Exhibition - the Exhibition: presented by the COAC from 3 to 10 July 2005 in the framework of the XXII Istanbul Congress of the International Union of Architects before beginning an itinerary of international venues