Nyuzen, Japan
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José Antonio Martínez Lapeña
Elías Torres i Tur
Miyoi Architects & Associates - Toyama
Marcos Alabern, Alessandra Cianchetta, Marisa García, Núria Bordas, Pedro Crisóstomo, Forest Murphey, Luís Aldrete, Quico Molteni, Victor Argilaga, Núria Bayo, Sandrine Larramendy, Jennifer Vera,
Toyama Prefecture Nyuzen Town (públic)
Professional comission  Constructed work
Built surface area:
154 m2
Production project date:
Completion of work date:
Intervention in a landscape of rice fields beside a sculpture museum housed in a former electricity power station. These are landscape elements that are not transported directly from our culture, but that seek to understand and interpret Toyama's architectural and landscape culture. Previous works and research produce a paper-folding pavilion and a roof that evokes contemporary Japanese fabrics (such as Miyake’s). The experience gained in this work is continued in the urban steps constructed in Toledo.
BIBLIOGRAPHY: Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, BARCELONA METRÒPOLIS MEDITERRÀNIA, no. 50, Barcelona / SHINKENCHIKU, no. 11, Japan, 1990 / ARQUITECTURA COAM, no. 322, Amèrica Ibérica, Madrid / QUADERNS, no. 5, 'Fronteres', pp. 168-75, CoAC, Barcelona, 2001
   Edició: 2002

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