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Number of inhabitants 10,080,000
Number of architects 12,113
Index of architects per inhabitant 1.201‰

Admittance to the profession


Establishing of education standards or recognition of study plans Yes
Regular supervision by an independent body Yes
Relevant authorities ORDEM DOS ARQUITECTOS (Order of Architects); CONSELHO NACIONAL DE AVALIAÇAO DO ENSINO SUPERIOR (National Council for Higher Education Assessment)
Recognised educational centers FACULDADE DE ARQUITECTURA DE LA UNIVERSIDADE TECNICA DE LISBOA (Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisboa), FACULDADE DE ARQUITECTURA DE LA UNIVERSIDADE DO PORTO (Faculty of Architecture of the Porto University), ESCOLA SUPERIOR ARTISTICA DO PORTO (Superior School of Fine Arts of Porto). There are other 4 state and 13 private centers, mostly accredited or recognised by the Ordem dos Arquitectos, but not included in the Directive 85/384 of the European Commission.
Duration of studies 5 / 6 years
Compulsory Yes
Is it structured and recorded? Yes
Duration 1 year (after admittance to the Ordem dos Arquitectos), with the category of training-member.
Compulsory examination by an external authority to the education Yes
Examining body Ordem dos Arquitectos (Order of Architects). Exemption is granted to licentiates which have realised their studies in centres that are accredited by the Ordem.
Academic title LICENCIADO EM ARQUITECTURA (Licentiate in Architecture) Authority that grants the academic title Education Centres
Job title ARQUITECTO (Architect) Authoriry that grants the job title Ordem dos Arquitectos
Additional notes  
Professional practice
Regulated profession Yes
Inscription in register compulsory Yes
Registering entity ORDEM DOS ARQUITECTOS (Order of Architects)
Law regulating profession Decree-Law 176/98 of July 3 (which includes the Statute of Ordem dos Arquitectos), Decree-Law 445/91 of November 20 (licensing of designs and plans), Decree-Law 55/95 of March 29 (public procurement).
Additional notes The Association of Portuguese Architects has been transformed to ORDEM DOS ARQUITECTOS by the Decree-Law 176/98 of July 3, having introduced important changes in the statutes and regulation of the profession.
Description Building studies and designs, feasibility studies, drafting technical documentation related to the design, control of construction costs; management, supervision and coordination of design and construction works; urban planning and development, regional and national planning, landscape design, interior design, furnishing, fittings and objects, appraisal services concerning designs and plans in the fields of architecture, consulting and technical expertise.
Description The submission of design documentation to a local authority (or other official body controlling the project) must include a declaration, issued by the Ordem dos Arquitectos, stating that the architect in charge of the design is legally entitled to practice.
Description 5 years as of the hand-over.
Source Civil Code.
Compulsory No
Description In the public procurement there is a tendence for the insurance to be generalised.
Does a fee scale exist? Yes
Compulsory No
Recommended Yes
Published by The Government
Additional notes For public services, the fees are compulsory. The Ordem dos Arquitectos suggests its use also in private contracts. New conditions are being studied by the OA.
Compulsory No
Is it audited? No
Organising body/ies Ordem dos Arquitectos (Order of Architects)
Description A program is yearly established and run by the OA, including regular courses, seminars and conferences.
Does it exist? Yes
Constituting body Ordem dos Arquitectos (Order of Architects)
Are there others who may legally provide similar services to architects? Yes
Title Competences
ENGENHEIRO (Engineer)  
CONSTRUTOR CIVIL (Civil Constructor)  
Other professionals in the provision of architectural services
Title Competences
According to the Degree-Law 176/98 of July 3 and the Statute of the Ordem dos Arquitectos, only architects registered at the OA may engage in activities proper to the profession. Nevertheless, and due to previous legislation which has still not been withdrawn, a number of local authorities still accept the projects designed by other professionals. The Ordem dos Arquitectos is developing actions in order to put this situation right.
Name of body Competences
ORDEM DOS ARQUITECTOS (Order of Architects) Protection and promotion of Architecture and the professional practice. Public representation of architects. Follow-up and give opinion concerning teaching and legislation of architecture. Register, code of ethics, continuing professional development, publications, activities, services. OA is the sole professional organisation for the whole country and includes two Regional Sections.
Foreign architects
Can a foreign architect practice independently? Yes
Decreto-Lei 14/90 of 8/1 that transposes the Directive 85/384/CE. Statute and Admission Reglamentation (RIA) of the Ordem dos Arquitectos.
Origin 1 (persons with EU studies) Architectural qualification according to the EU Directive 85/384, legal practice and 1 year professional experience in the country of origin, otherwise successful admittance tests at Ordem dos Arquitectos and 1 year internship; residence, clean disciplinary and criminal record. In case of single services provided, legal practice in the country of origin.
Origin 2 (others) Reciprocity with the country of origin for architectural practice, equivalence of studies by a portuguese educational centre with architectural course recognised by the Ordem dos Arquitectos, successful admittance tests and 1 year internship; as alternative to internship possibility of curriculum evaluation with 2 years practical experience, residence, clean disciplinary and criminal record.
Origin 3  
Application for registration at the Ordem dos Arquitectos; detailed instructions (in portuguese) may be found at in "A Ordem / Admissão"
Sworn translation of documents and inscription in the Register.
Origin 1 (persons with EU studies) Identity document, diploma in architecture, certificates of clean disciplinary and criminal record, residence permit, tax number card, certificate of registration at a professional organisation and of 1 year practical experience in the country of origin (for exemption, respectively, form admittance tests and 1 year internship), portfolio (for curriculum evaluation), residence permit, application forms, photograph. In case of single services provided, certificate of legal practice and posession of diplomas needed in the country of origin, declaration describing the services to be provided.
Origin 2 (others) Identity document, diploma in architecture, certificates of equivalence of studies, clean disciplinary and criminal records, residence permit, tax number card, application forms, photograph.
Origin 3  

If foreign architects are authorised to work independently, what type of collaboration with national architects is recommended?  
In the event that foreign architects are not authorised to work independently, what is the stipulated formula of collaboration with national architects?  


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