All UIA Member Sections are kindly requested to update the information by 15 November 2007. The questionnaire can be downloaded here. The analysis of the updated research results will be presented at the XXIII Congress of the International Union of Architects in Turin, 2008.

Please fill in the form and send it, with the necessary annexes, to If you require further clarification or have queries about specific points, we will be happy to help.

This research is not limited to UIA Member Sections. Even if your country is not a member, all information submitted by an official professional organization is welcome.

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Since 1998, the COAC has been conducting research into professional standards around the world under the auspices of the Professional Practice Commission of the International Union of Architects, on behalf of its Spanish section.

This research is based on the Accord on Recommended International Standards on Professionalism in Architectural Practice, the basis for mutual recognition of architectural competences at international level, passed by the Union’s General Assembly in 1999 to facilitate freedom of international movement, among other aims.

The information is organized according to the main sections of the questionnaire which was sent out to all UIA member sections:

Not every country submitted information. In 2002, with the publication of the first book to compare analytical results of the Architectural Practice around the World research, 76 countries responded, and a further four answers were received when the book had gone to press. In 2003, the questionnaire was redrafted and more questions were added for the 2005 edition. This time, 52 of those 80 countries updated their contributions and another 11 submitted theirs, reaching the total of 91 countries featured on this website. 63 of them updated the information in 2005.

Another new feature is the statistics engine, a tool that enables users to obtain comparative statistics for most subjects by territorial area and generate personalized studies for different regions. The regions may be geographical (continents) or those defined by the UIA. The statistics engine is based on the 2005 questionnaire and therefore only covers the 63 countries that provided information at that time.

The database uses the ISO-3166 alpha-2 two-letter country codes. In some questions, for practical reasons, the code is given instead of the full name of the country.

This study is based on the information provided by the professional bodies that represent the architects in their individual countries within the UIA. The Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

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