European Biennial

Participation Rules for the contest of the Rosa Barba International Landscape prize.

All works presented at the Biennial may compete to be awarded Rosa Barba International Landscape just twice, with the exception of works with renewed phases and other special situation to be judged by the organizing committee. The finalist projects of the past editions can't be presented to the Prize.

One author (individual / company) can not be a finalist with more than one work.

Both members of the jury and members of the organizing committee or people directly involved with the organization, are entitled to participate with their works to the stage of finalists. They can not opt for the Prize. Once selected as finalists they will be automatically removed from the contest.



Regulation of participation in the exhibition of the work carried out in the Biennial of Landscape:

Any individual and work accomplished within the International context can participate.
• The organizing committee reserves the right to exhibit and publish unrealized projects if by its characteristics indicate innovative ways of working and strategic to understand the state of matter in the professional territory.
• Landscape planning should be considered relevant as constructed.
• Both the jury and committee members can present their projects to participate in the exhibition of the work done world wide since the exhibition and publication in the catalogue is a separate procedure.

Definition and Designation of Jury

The jury must be formed by 3 or 7 members selected on every edition by the Biennial organizing committee. In case of a tie vote while In the internal voting , the president's vote shall prevail.
The International Jury is structured from a President and members and a Secretary, (non-voting) that will or Member of the Organizing Committee or the coordination team of the European Biennial of Landscape.
The position of Chairman, Members and the secretary, shall be appointed by the organizing committee of the Biennial.

Responsibilities of the Jury

The international jury will meet and attend to the finalists presentation of their work during the symposium and deliberate on the prize.
In the absence of a member of the international jury, it shall be replaced by another person on behalf of the organizing committee.
The jury is committed to deliberate after the finalists presentation in order to chose the winner before the next day at noon.
The jury must select between 7 and 10 works as finalists. The number of participants will be justified in the minutes of their meeting.