European Biennial

A Special Thanks to our Attendees, Lecturers, Finalists and Sponsors for a Fantastic Symposium!

The Symposium was a tremendous success and a thank you is in order. Without you, this event would cease to exist. Thank you to our attendees, volunteers, staff, sponsors, keynote speakers, finalists, presenters, exhibitors, association volunteers and management team, and committees.

See you un two years! .stay tuned to our website.

Barcelona International Landscape Biennial 


From European to International Biennial of Landscape Architecture

Since its first edition, the European Landscape Biennial has expressed its desire to intently study and discuss landscape interventions, as much from the perspective of landscape architecture as from other disciplines linked to its study and evolution. The Biennial has been consolidated on a European scale in its seven previous editions—“Remaking Landscapes” (1999), “Gardens in Arms” (2001), “Only with Nature” (2003), “Landscape: a Product / a Production” (2006)— “Storm & stress” (2008), “Liquid Landscape” (2010) and "Biennial versus Biennial" (2012); during the last and eighth edition, the Biennial  has unveiled  new landscape realities through the internationalization of its Rosa Barba Landscape Prize.
With “A Landscape for You” Barcelona opened itself to international landscapes for the first time. This September, with its ninth edition “Tomorrow Landscapes” the symposium took place in the Petit Palau de la Música for three days and included talks, presentations by those finalists competing for the Rosa Barba Landscape Prize, papers, roundtable discussions, exhibitions and samples from which we be able to track and discuss the evolution of landscape architecture worldwide.

9th Barcelona Landscape Biennial

Tomorrow Landscapes

Due to our circumstances most territorial and cultural disciplines are ranging from anxiety and emergence. Thus, the IX International Biennial of Landscape Barcelona claims to be both a catalyst for doubt and a driver to illusions and changes in the field of Landscape Architecture. The announcing of this year’s event suggests interest in discovering new ways of action, while exploring inhospitable areas and guiding discussion towards rethinking old certainties and providing new sensitivities certitudes. Tomorrow Landscapes wants to be present at the discussion of what should be the landscape design and planning nowadays and provide a plausible (and exciting) future.

Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize by Fundació Banc Sabadell

The Rosa Barba Landscape Prize, by Fundació Banc de Sabadell, will be announced within the framework of the 9th International Biennial of Landscape Architecture which was placed on the 29th, 30th September  and 1st October 2016 in Barcelona. The Rosa Barba Landscape Prize is open to submissions to all kinds of landscape projects and planning developed around the world from 2011 to 2016. There is a sole award, which has an economic endowment of 15.000 Euros. The winner and finalists presented their projects during the symposium that took place on the 29th September 2016.  The projects selected by the International Jury will be published in the catalog of the 9th Biennial, featured in the Rosa Barba Prize exhibition by Fundació Banc Sabadell and displayed on the Biennial digital archive.